Mother Nature has blessed us with wondrous things that we can hardly begin to comprehend; and one such phenomenon is bioluminescence! If you don’t know what that means, Bioluminescence is the emission of light by bacteria, fungi, algae, insects, and aquatic animals such as jellyfish. In nature, we observe bioluminescence in marine waters and forests; but you don’t have to travel to an exotic foreign land to witness this. Here’s a list of travel destinations in India that give you stunning bioluminescent/glow in the dark views!

Travel Destinations In India That Experience The ‘Glow In The Dark’ Phenomenon

Bangaram Island In Lakshadweep


A little tear formed island secured with palm trees and encompassed by tranquil blue waters; Bangaram Island is a piece of the Lakshadweep bunch of islands. Unblemished seashores, water sports, feasting by the seashore; if this doesn’t sound immaculate as of now, pause, there’s additional! The most energizing part about this island is the somewhat blue-white sparkle the waters begin producing come sunset. The waves clearing up the shore sparkle with a radiant pale blue light because of the phytoplankton, green growth, and other amphibian animals, for example, jellyfish in the waters. Furthermore, it is a dream to see!

Bhimashankar Forest In Maharashtra


Bhimashankar woods, arranged in the Western ghats is a natural life asylum that is home to colossal biodiversity. What’s more, the wonderful rainstorm of the Maharashtra-Goa-Karnataka stretch carries significantly more than just rains with them. As the dampness level goes up in the downpour splashed timberland, tree limbs, twigs, and decaying leaves assimilate this dampness and become substrate to bioluminescent growths called Mycena. They radiate a greenish light in obscurity, giving you the figment of a shining woodland!

Betalbatim Beach In Goa

Glow In The Dark

In the event that Goa is your preferred occasion goal simply like us, at that point you’re in for a treat! Adding a bonus to the overflowing normal magnificence of Goa is this gleam in obscurity seashore. Best bioluminescent beach in India. The Betalbatim seashore situated in South Goa likewise witnesses ravishing blue bio iridescence in its waters simply like Lakshadweep. The Betalbatim Beach has unblemished white sands, is perfect for watching nightfalls and dolphin spotting. So drop the Baga and Calgunte for a change and you realize where you’re going on your next Goa trip!

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Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary In Goa

Glow In The Dark

This haven is a secured territory of the Western Ghats extending into Goa that is a biodiversity hotspot. From Bengal Tigers and Black Panthers to parakeets and fly-catchers; this save is heaven for natural life devotees. Furthermore, during the wet rainstorm months, much the same as Bhimashankar, this timberland additionally gets home to the shine in obscurity Mycena mushrooms. A greenish shine in the cover of murkiness; we can’t think about a sight more stupendous.

Juhu Beach In Mumbai

Glow In The Dark

Also, in the event that you thought you need to go to outlandish travel goals to observe this ravishing marvel, you’re off-base! Juhu Beach in our own one of a kind Mumbai has likewise observed shining blue waves smashing at its shores. Marine organisms called phytoplankton are liable for these sparkling waters that radiate a brilliant blue light. Despite the fact that this isn’t a regular event in case you’re fortunate you may very well wind up absorbing this amazing sight. Best bioluminescent beach in Mumbai.

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Purushwadi Forest

Glow In The Dark

The ancestral town of Purushwadi in Maharashtra draws in a large number of fireflies and a huge number of travelers each late spring. During their rearing season, fireflies produce bioluminescence at nightfall to pull inmates. You can observe trees specked with a large number of fireflies, astonishing you with flickering examples as they attempt to lure their mates. Consistently, the long periods of May and June get a firefly celebration in this district, during which adventurers swarm here to watch the fireflies in the entirety of their wonder

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