Games Like Fall Guys

It has scarcely been a month since Fall Guys were delivered and it has just sold 7 million duplicates on Steam alone. In addition, Fall Guys has now become the most downloaded PS Plus game ever, breaking every single past record. It’s sheltered to state, the game has turned into a web sensation. Fall Guys is at present accessible just on PC and PS4, yet clients are needing to evaluate this sensational fight royale game on their cell phones. Since the game is because of delivery for cell phones one year from now, we present to you some superb games like Fall Guys for Android and iOS at this moment. We have curated games that have comparative interactivity and material science-based deterrents. So immediately, how about we experience the rundown.

Games Like Fall Guys for Android and iOS

1. Gang Fight – Fun Beasts Party

Gang Fight – Fun Beasts Party is another solid game just like Fall Guys and it’s available on iOS. Sure, the game does not have the best graphics, especially when you compare it with Fall Guys, but the physics-based simulation is accurate and quite unique.

You can play the multiplayer game with a maximum of 8 people and the last man standing wins the match. More than a platformer, it’s an action game with special emphasis put on game mechanics.

Gang Fight - Fun Beasts Party

You have several fight controls like grab, lift, head attack, grovel, and more. And when you become a pro, you can even combine multiple controls and destroy the enemy in one clean shot. To sum up, if you want to play a multiplayer fighting game that has amazing physics simulation just like Fall Guys then Gang Fight is highly recommended.

DownloadiOS (Free)

2. Super Mega Mini Party

If you have subscribed to Apple Arcade then I would urge you to play Super Mega Mini Party. In many ways, this iOS-exclusive game is similar to Fall Guys where you have to compete in a multiplayer match.

You have 20 multiplayer mini-games where you can solve the puzzles and earn achievements and rewards. You can use these rewards to throw a Super Mega Mini Party with your friends and players from around the world who can join the party and play together.

Super Mega Mini Party Games Like Fall Guys for Android and iOS

The best part about Super Mega Mini Party is that new challenges are added frequently which keeps the players on their toes. You also have the option to play in a 1v1 match which is still lacking in Fall Guys. All in all, if you like solving challenges in multiplayer gameplay then Super Mega Mini Party is the best alternative to Fall Guys on iPhone.

DownloadiOS (Apple Arcade subscription costs $4.99 per month)

3. Knockout Race

As the name suggests, Knockout Race is an exhilarating game just like Fall Guys where the race is to reach the crown first without falling off the cliff. Similar to Fall Guys, here you can join an ultimate social party where 50 contestants run together in a frantic and fun-filled battle royale racing. As you move forward, the chaos escalates and the path becomes narrow.

Knockout Race Games Like Fall Guys for Android and iOS

You have to jump, dash, and avoid obstacles on your way to become the ultimate last man standing. Apart from that, there are two other minigames: obstacle championship and elimination game. You can play any one of them in multiplayer mode. So go ahead and show off your reflex skills in this awesome platformer game.

DownloadAndroid / iOS (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

Enjoy Games Like Fall Guys on Android and iOS

So those are our picks for the best Fall Guys elective on both Android and iOS. Without a doubt, relatively few games have similar degrees of design quality and material science-based difficulties, however some offer you tantamount experience. I would state, simply feel free to evaluate these games on your cell phone. You will unquestionably have a great time filled understanding.

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