Doom Eternal is undoubtedly the best game of recent times. It is fast, frenetic and a whole bag of bloody fun. Keep on reading the article for more details –

We’ve destroyed one Xbox One controller ourselves, by flinging it across the room after failing one too many times, so can appreciate any guidance or help that comes our way.

We think you will too, which is why we spoke to id Software to find out the best tips and tricks on how to defeat Doom Eternal‘s deadliest denizens. Here is what we found out, straight from the studio itself.

How to beat the Doom Hunter

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The Doom Hunter is the last line of defence for Deag Ranak, one of the three Hell Priests you’re tasked with destroying, and is designed for the sole purpose of taking down the Slayer. Equipped with tracking rockets, an energy shield and a chainsaw (because, why not?), Doom Hunters are half-demon and half-machine and on a crusade to take you down.

Ideal weapons

  • Plasma gun
  • Heavy cannon (precision aim)
  • Rocket launcher (remote detonate)

id Software’s tactics

“There are two crucial steps to overcoming the Doom Hunter. You must first destroy his shield and then take out the hovercraft-like sled he rides on to severely reduce his mobility.

“Only the Plasma Gun can overload his shield, but you’re blessed with a wealth of options for damaging his cybernetic body: you can use the Heavy Cannon with the Precision Aim modification from afar to avoid his melee attack, or jump straight to the Rocket Launcher if you’re feeling confident of not wasting ammo (its Remote Detonate modification will significantly improve your accuracy). You need to move quickly though, as it’s a race against time before his defence regenerates.

“Use the environment to your advantage and leverage the various levels and ramps to keep your distance. After glory killing the first Doom Hunter, a hole in the map will be revealed taking you all the way down to an ice-covered arena where two more Doom Hunters lay in wait for you to repeat the whole process. Good luck!”

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How to beat the Marauder

Recognised by many gamers as the most frustrating recurring enemy in the entire game, the Marauder has likely led to a few other broken controllers up and down the country, not just ours.

He sports an axe that he throws at you from long range, a shotgun that you’ll soon taste should you get too close, a shield that blocks most attacks, and a dog made from fire for good measure. It’s not difficult to see, therefore, why the Marauder proves to be a hellish counterpart throughout your mission to save Earth.

Ideal weapons

  • Super shotgun
  • Ballista

id Software’s tactics

“The Marauder is a defensive powerhouse who possesses so many different attack patterns that there’s only so much you can do to stop him in his tracks. In short, you simply have to keep the Marauder at mid-range – not too far to trigger his axe throw and not too close to tempt him to pull out his shotgun.

“The key is to be super patient. Dash, jump and move side-to-side dodging his attacks until he charges at you with a flash of green in his eyes as this is the only moment he’s vulnerable.

“The Marauder is resistant to super weapons so even the BFG is a waste of ammunition on this guy. He is too fast and will dodge slower weapons so the rocket launcher is out of the question. However, with perfect timing, you can nail the Marauder with a brutal ballista shot and switch to the super shotgun while he is stunned to land a second significant blow. A handful of these combinations and he can be glory killed like any other cannon fodder.”

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How to beat the Gladiator

Having hunted down the third and final Hell Priest to a gladiatorial arena, the Slayer comes face-to-face with Deag Grav’s guard dog. The Gladiator is a gigantic warrior armed with a shield, two flails and a whip with a range of attacks to keep you at bay.

Ideal weapons

  • Shotgun (sticky bombs)
  • Rocket launcher

id Software’s tactics

“The Gladiator is similar to the Marauder in that he is armed with a giant shield and is most vulnerable when his eyes flash green, but that’s where the comparisons end. Trapped in the confines of the arena floor, you must use dash to avoid being cornered while going head-to-head with the giant beast. Fortunately for you, there’s no limit on the weapons you can use – the bigger the better, and the harder he falls!

“To make life easier, you should stick to the very edge of the arena, running in a clockwise direction to keep you out of reach from the Gladiator’s main attack. When his eyes flash green, hit him with the rocket launcher to great effect.

“The shotgun’s sticky bomb modification is also a good back up when ammunition inevitably begins to run low. The Gladiator will soon drop his shield to become faster and more aggressive, seeking revenge with whips in hand. Jump and dodge to avoid his lunge and energy rope attacks, then return fire with everything you’ve got until his body hits the floor.”

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How to beat the Khan Maykr

The brains behind Earth’s demonic invasion, the Khan Maykr is a large being covered in armour and has numerous aerial attacks to keep you on your toes. She will throw gold energy projectiles and a purple blast that can blow you off the platform, as well as a beam that leaves fire in its trail following the Slayer around the arena.

Ideal weapons

  • Ballista
  • Heavy cannon (precision aim)
  • Super shotgun (meat hook)
  • Blood punch

id Software’s tactics

“Tactically-speaking, it’s actually super simple to kill the Khan Maykr, but that doesn’t make it any more straight forward to pull off! She is protected by a shield that needs to be temporarily disabled as she flies around the arena, but it recharges so you need to create an opening by dishing out some serious punishment in a short window of time.

“Hit the Khan Maykr with the ballista until she is stunned with her body glowing green then quickly switch to the super shotgun and use the meat hook modification to nail her with a blood punch. Unbelievably, this will land just a single blow to her health bar. Repeat until she falls to the ground in a heap.

“The Khan Makyr is protected by lots of Makyr drones that you have to take out by shooting at their heads with the heavy cannon. They drop a lot of ammo and health, which you’ll need to keep topping up as you take fire from above while trying to avoid both an electrified floor and a rampaging energy beam across the arena. Use the terrain to dash and jump while focussing on the Khan Makyr at the expense of the small fry drones.”

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How to beat the Icon of Sin

The final boss in Doom Eternal is the Icon of Sin, who is the size of a skyscraper and covered from head to toe in armour. He comes crashing down with his fists while shooting laser beams and fireballs. You’re also surrounded by dozens of demons, big and small, so strap yourself in for a long battle!

Ideal weapons

  • BFG
  • Ballista
  • Chaingun
  • Rocket launcher
  • Crucible sword

Id Software’s tactics

“As the final boss, the Icon of Sin is obviously incredibly tough to defeat and requires the removal of eight separate pieces of armour across his head, chest, torso and arms.

“Fortunately, the arena offers lots of ammo for your BFG so you can hit the towering boss with your most powerful weapon multiple times. Work your way up and down the floors using the portals and launchpads to secure the best vantage point, then aim the BFG into centre-mass to guarantee it lands. Substitute the BFG for the ballista and rocket Launcher as the fight progresses, while the improved accuracy of the chaingun is much better for targeting his hands.

“Once you’ve stripped the Icon of Sin from his armour, you now have to repeat the exercise by shredding flesh from his bones with as much firepower as possible. This as you’re dodging flame attacks and projectiles, as well as a host of heavy demons who simply will not give you a moment’s peace.

“The arena floor is littered with endless crucible sword pieces so make sure you swipe your foes away with minimum fuss – this isn’t the time for playing games! The Icon of Sin demands your full attention until the moment he collapses, exhausted, in a giant heap. Only then can you pull out your crucible sword and stab it so hard into his brain that it snaps in your bare hands. Phew!”

Doom Eternal is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is also coming for Nintendo Switch later in 2020.

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