Google is constantly improving its digital marketplace. It’s improving Google Play Store to help developers distribute apps in a better way. Now the company has announced its plan to switch from APK to an alternate app-packaging format called Android App Bundles. It solves major issues like reducing of size of Apps by 15% and also the packaging format staring from August 2021.

Android App Bundles, Crave Monger
Android App Bundles, Crave Monger

Why Switch To AAB From APK

The new android app bundles, app packaging format aims to reduce the size of Android Apps which will in turn enable faster downloads and lesser storage requirements for users. It was introduced back in 2018 and Google claims that most of the Apps like Netflix, Adobe, Twitter, Duolingo use app bundles instead of Apks.

This new feature requires apps to be less than 150MB to have an improved distribution.

The Android App Bundles format will only be available to apps concerning Google Play store and it will become a standard for play store apps from August 2021.

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