Have you always wanted to go to Hobbiton? This place has been on my bucket list since the day, I watched LOTR(Lord of the rings). Whether you a Lord of the ring fan or not, you’ll definitely become a devotee of this unique village- Hobbiton, found nowhere else.

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What makes Hobbiton Unique?

One of the foremost successful movie saga, Lord Of The Rings was shot in New Zealand. The Hobbiton village was built especially for the movie. After shooting finished, it absolutely was decided to go away from the village because it is and keep it open for tourists.

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When Peter Jackson was trying to find potential movie sets, he spotted this 12-acre family-run sheep farm during his aerial search. Read more about Pre-film set history here. The luxurious green hills and hobbit holes everywhere. The place will cause you to desire walking into the center of earth(LOTR fans can relate to the current term).

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How to get there?

As I researched, the location is open for guided tours which require to be booked way earlier. 2 hr guided tour allows the visitor to explore the party area, bilbo’s Bag End home, all LOTR fans can relate to the thrill of name Bilbo. I found this Hobbiton tours website which offers various experiences associated with Hobbiton movie sets.

When to travel there?

It is a year-round destination.

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So whether you have got watched LOTR or not, the sweetness and uniqueness of this village will certainly mesmerize you.

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