Liverpool World Heritage, Crave Monger
Liverpool World Heritage, Crave Monger

On 21st July, Liverpool was removed from the list of UNESCO world Heritage sites after being granted the title on 2004.

The decision was taken after a secret ballot was done by the UNESCO committee and they voted in favor of stripping Liverpool of the status.

Liverpool gained its World Heritage status in 2004, in recognition of its old maritime history. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was world’s one of the major trading centers.

The heritage list has been designed to recognize and preserve buildings, monuments and other sites, and the decision to remove Liverpool will puncture a hole in the prestige of the city.

Why was Liverpool removed from the list

In 2012 the city was placed in the list of world heritage in Danger. In Liverpool’s case, a $7 billion dollar regeneration plan from its historic waterfront caused the city’s removal from the list. The project also includes the building of luxury apartments which raised concerns.

Liverpool’s mayor, Joanne Anderson, said that she was disappointed by the decision taken by UNESCO.

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