As we all know that Tony Stark dies at the End of Marvel’s End Game in 2019. Its been almost two years to that crazy cinematic experience. But for some Iron Man fans 2 years is not long enough to accept his fate and they are doing their best to bring Tony Stark back for Marvel’s future movies and maybe TV Series too.

Of course in the super hero genre, no one is ever really dead and they come back to life in some way or the other as what we have seen so far. There are some fans campaigning in a creative way to bring Iron Man back to the screens.

Iron Man, Crave Monger
Iron Man, Crave Monger

On April 22nd, A witter account posted a picture of a massive billboard asking for the return of Tony Stark back to MCU. The sign also has the date April 24th, 2021 written on it, likely the day when these fans are planning to trend their hashtag on Twitter.

Well, The truth is that Kevin Feige knows what to deliver when but bringing Iron Man back could anger fans who are perfectly content on how things went down in Endgame.

Lets Hope For The Best!!

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