Orson Bean, A free spirited actor on stage and a great human being off the stage dies in a road accident in California on Friday. Orson Bean’s age was 91.
His death was confirmed by the Los Angeles country coroner’s office on Saturday. He was just crossing the road and was hit by a car.

He gave away his possessions and moved to Australia as as a Hippie in the late 1970’s. Early in his career, he was a great comic popping up on every TV Channel as a Panelist.


He also made a few Hollywood films, founded a society of Laurel and Hardy aficionados, amassed a fortune and was blacklisted as a suspected communist.

Orson Bean, Crave Monger
Orson Bean, Crave Monger

Mr Bean’s TV acting includes, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and its spinoff fernwood tonight, The facts of life, Normal Ohio, 7th Heaven and Desperate Housewives etc.

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Awards and Nominations

He got a tony award nomination for the musical subways are of sleeping and enjoyed a long run in the comedy business, one of the famous was Never Too Late. He also acted in the Equalizer 2 and John Malkivich

Orson Bean and Alley Mills, Crave Monger
Orson Bean and Alley Mills, Crave Monger

Orson Bean’s wife Alley Mills who was also his co-star in Dr Quinn is left in his family whom he wed in 1993 along with Susannah Bean and Michelle Bean who are his two daughter’s from his late wife.

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