Tourists From October

Thailand’s economy blossoms with the travel industry and due to the pandemic have seen a 12.2% therapist in the second quarter which is one of the most noticeably awful hits in the previous 22 years.

Has the movement bug been continually gnawing you and even more during the pandemic? All things considered, at that point, there’s uplifting news for individuals who aren’t anxious about the pandemic and are prepared to go with security. One of Asia’s favorite beach destinations, Phuket, Thailand is finally opening for tourism to International travelers from October 1, 2020. 

Phuket, Thailand To Open For Tourists From October But With A 30 Day, Minimum Stay!

Despite the fact that the travel industry is Thailand opened for local people in June, the nation despite everything set itself up a ton before it opened up to the International vacationers, considering there’ll be heaps of hazard included. However, for individuals who have been standing by energetically to travel, the nation is currently authoritatively going to open up for movement yet there’s a trick to it, as you should remain for at least 30 days on the island.

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Tourists From October

 Some terms and conditions you can keep in mind-

You will have to book a direct flight to Phuket and stay and book your accommodation for a minimum of 30 days and no one planning a shorter trip will be allowed to enter the country. 

  • You must submit a negative Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival in Phuket. And then follow it by a 14-day quarantine in a private hotel room.
  • Only when you’re negative then you’re allowed to go out of your hotel property and tour around Phuket.
  • People who are visiting other islands after Phuket must do a third PCR test during the third week of their visit.
  • Hotel staff must all stay in the hotel to avoid being carriers of the virus if it were to be so.
Tourists From October
Tourists From October, crave monger

Countries allowed to enter:

No formal announcement was done on the list of countries but they are open to welcoming tourists from neighboring countries where the virus is contained. The nations with good socioeconomic ties to Thailand will most likely be on the list.

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