Realme Buds Classic vs Realme Buds 2

The advantages of claiming a wired headphone are the first-class sound quality in contrast with different remote headphones. Nonetheless, we have various brands that are producing wired headphones. Yet, it’s hard to pick the best one. As of late, Realme Buds Classic has been propelled in India with a ground-breaking driver and inflexible form quality. Then again, we have another wired headphone by Realme which is Realme Buds 2. Today, we will be going to do the Realme Buds Classic versus Realme Buds 2 Specs correlation. Later on, we will discuss the Realme Buds Classic versus Realme Buds 2 Price in India. At long last, at long last, we will make sense of which merits purchasing. Along these lines, we should begin with the Realme Buds 2 versus Realme Buds Classic Features first.

Realme Buds Classic vs Realme Buds 2 Specs


Discussing the structure, Realme Buds 2 earplugs arrive in a limited shape that fits well in our ears with no space from the edges. Likewise, the Realme Buds 2 has a lightweight and strong quality. Also, we get an interlaced wire, which implies no dread of cutting the wire from the edges. Toward the finish of Realme Buds 2 eardrums, we will get the in-fabricated magnets to join the buds from the back.

Notwithstanding, the link nature of Realme Buds 2 is inflexible and it additionally has a crisscross surface on the link. In Realme Buds 2, we get elastic earbuds in various sizes, for example, little, huge, and medium. Additionally, the link is tangled free and long as well. Likewise, we get a link coordinator connected to the wire, that assists with holding the wire consummately with no bunches. In Realme Buds 2, it has an in-line far off with the amplifier. With the assistance of in-line distance, we can control the volume, play/delay the music and reject/answer the calls also.

Realme Buds Classic vs Realme Buds 2

Then again, we should discuss the Realme Buds Classic Features. Beginning with its structure, the Realme Buds Classic eardrums are made of plastic, which looks very like other Realme Wireless Buds plan. Be that as it may, these headphones won’t fit well in various sizes of the ear in contrast with elastic earbuds. Likewise, the Realme Buds Classics has a meshed wire, which implies no trade-offs have been made with the link quality. Once more, the Realme Buds Classic accompanies a link coordinator. Generally speaking, the nature of the two headphones is very extraordinary and strong. Peruse till the conclusion to find the Realme Buds Classic versus Realme Buds 2 Price in India. How about we bounce on to the next Realme Buds 2 versus Realme Buds Classic Features.

Sound Quality

Sound quality matters the most while buying a new pair of earphones. Coming over to the sound quality of Realme Buds 2, it offers an 11mm audio driver for powerful, thunderous notes that will transform our media. We have tested the Realme Buds 2, the sound quality of Realme Buds 2 is satisfactory for the given price tag. The one thing we also liked about these earphones is the bass quality.

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On the other hand, the Realme Buds Classic features a 14.2mm large driver. The Realme Buds Classic offers a stunning sound quality with powerful bass. Again, we have tested the Realme Buds Classic with different equalizer apps and great to see that the sound quality was lifting with the equalizers. However, the in-line remote of the earphones is far from the actual position of the face, so the third person might face difficulty in hearing our sound during calls or meetings.

Realme Buds Classic vs Realme Buds 2 Price in India

Talking about the Realme Buds Classic vs Realme Buds 2 Price in India, the Realme Buds Classic costs Rs 399. Realme Buds Classic has two different colors, White and Black. Besides, Realme Buds 2 only comes in one color which is Black. Furthermore, the Realme Buds 2 cost for Rs 499.

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