It’s tough to narrow down the highest activities in Twin Falls — the plunging, spectacular river Canyon alone deserves its own bucket list! But we’ve done the toil for you and chosen our greatest recommendations for this bustling, growing city.

Best Things to Do in Twin Falls

1. Stand in awe of waterfalls

Things to Do in Twin Falls

Shoshone Falls — a towering 212-foot behemoth that’s been dubbed “the Niagara of the West” — could be a must-see. These falls placed on a show in spring and early summer when water flows are at their peak after winter snowmelt. During high water years, the falls attract thousands of out-of-town spectators who come to witness nature’s awesome power.
The falls are worth seeing even when water isn’t at its peak, except for year-round action, head southwest of the I.B. Perrine Bridge to Perrine Coulee Falls. The falls travel a whopping 200 feet to the water below, framed by the rocky canyon walls. These falls are a favorite of photographers and might be snapped from above on the river Canyon Rim Trail or below at Centennial Park.

2. Take in the views from the Canyon Rim Trail

Other towns in Idaho have greenbelts or river walks, but in Twin Falls you’ll walk near the sting — literally! (Stay on the trail to be safe, of course.) The Canyon Rim Trail is seven miles long and has some great vantage points.

The I.B. Perrine Bridge is monumental and named after a monumental guy, Mr. Perrine, who brought irrigation to the present arid valley and made it “magic.” It rises 486 feet above the canyon and is thought for attracting BASE jumpers from all around the world (more on it below).

If you’d prefer to take a photograph of the bridge itself, head to the dual Falls Visitor Center for one amongst the foremost amazingly situated visitors centers anywhere within u. s. Perched on the rim of the canyon, it’s an excellent place to urge started on your Southern Idaho adventure.

From the middle, you’ll walk 1.8 miles along the Canyon Rim Trail to the Evel Knievel launch site. An earthen ramp that’s still visible on the River Canyon rim. Back in 1974, notorious motorcycle daredevil, Evel Knievel attempted a jump across the quarter-mile-wide Snake Canyon during a specially designed contraption called a skycycle.

Though Knievel crashed on the jump thanks to a parachute malfunction, he survived with only a broken nose – barely a scrape for a person who had broken nearly 40 bones in his career, including his back seven times.

3. Dine on the edge of a canyon

Things to Do in Twin Falls

Located on a very picturesque bend of the river in Twin Falls, Elevation 486 and Canyon Crest are both charming and modern bistros serving up eclectic, new American cuisine with global influences. While the dining areas and patio terraces offer stunning views of the Snake River Canyon. The Perrine Bridge, and also the surrounding Magic Valley region, the spectacular food has marked these restaurants as a number of the simplest in Idaho.

4. Zip the Snake

Zip the Snake could be a fast-paced, high flying adventure located within the Snake River Canyon at Centennial Park. During a zipper tour, you’ll ride four lines through the canyon while learning about the history, geology, and wildlife within the Snake Plain. It’s an awesome option for youths, family reunions, team-building exercises, and other groups — and an excellent adventure to take out your bucket list.

5. Kayak underneath high flyers or see falls from below

We mentioned earlier that Twin Falls may be a mecca for BASE jumpers — and because of watercraft rental at Centennial Waterfront Park, you’ll be able to experience their jumps from below! Just take a look at your kayak at the rental stand and paddle right down to the bottom of the I.B. Perrine Bridge, where the jumpers leap an astounding 486 feet. Of course, we recommend that you simply stay run their landing areas — BASE jumping is risky business, and it’s best for all involved if you retain a secure distance.

Shoshone Falls may be a bigger-than-life paddle. Also accessible by starting at Centennial Waterfront Park, it’s a four-hour trip trek with a portage around Pillar Falls. The journey offers a tremendous view of the I.B. Perrine Bridge, BASE jumpers, and Knievel’s jump site from below. In the end, you’ll float at the bottom of the 212-foot Niagara of the West. It’s a downriver float back, but smooth waters make the return trip feel the identical.

6. Grab a burger and brew downtown


Twin Falls contains a booming brewery scene, with innovators like Von Scheidt’s Brewing Company paving the way and Koto’s Brewing Company and Unnamed Brewery coming soon. For a good, old-fashioned pub experience, try longtime favorites O’Dunken’s Draught House and Scooter’s Chillin’ and Grillin’.

7. Scale the Snake

Scale the Snake

The city’s famous canyon could be a haven for rock climbers who love its volcanic basalt cliffs and crags. Your best bet is Dierkes Lake, shortly from Shoshone Falls, where routes like Over the Falls, Ziplock, Evil C, and Wasn’t inbuilt daily offer a lot of technical challenges

8. Listen In at the Commons

 Twin Falls

Downtown Twin Falls underwent a facelift in recent years, including a stunning plaza called the Downtown Commons. it’s become an excellent place to pay attention to measure music, play within the splash pad, or meet friends. In-the-know locals head down for First Fridays to require in art and live music.

9. Reserve a tee time at Canyon Springs Golf Course

Golf Course

This 18-hole golf link is stunning, challenging, and set at the bottom of the towering Snake Canyon. The placement is what makes it so special — expect to determine much wildlife while taking within the view. This course was once a part of the estate of I.B. Perrine; now, it attracts out-of-town players — and, of course, a gentle stream of lucky locals.

10. Mountain bike at Auger Falls

There are over 10 miles of trails to enjoy within the Auger Falls Trail System, which is managed by the town of dual Falls Parks and Recreation Department. Make certain to test out the attractive spring cascading from the cliffs above! The moderate Homestead and Eagle trails take you on a singletrack tour that winds through the rocks to an incredible overlook of Auger Falls. Here, you’ll be able to try the series of rapids that create up the falls. Return on Koda’s Trail and also the Haunted Forest Trail for a five-mile roundtrip tour.

Of course, there are many more things to do in Twin Falls. For ideas, visit the Twin Falls Visitor Center or explore Southern Idaho Tourism’s Adventure Map.

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