Ever wondered if someday, You wake up from your sleep and you realize that you are rich enough to buy “Planet Earth”.

Well, I have wondered and that was one of my fascinating dream 😉.

Or for a matter of fact, if aliens invade our planet one day and they plan to buy our planet. What would be the actual price? we would settle down with them?

Okay, So we all know that there is no universal definition of value and not everything are up for sale. Still we can take a guess by estimating and analyzing different components and sectors.

So, Lets Start –

Evaluating World’s Marketplace and Money –

According to a visualization created by “Jeff Desjardins” editor in chief of visual capitalist, the current global money is worth of  90.4 trillion dollars.

You can find complete details in the below mentioned link –

Whereas, worth of Physical Gold is evaluated to be 7.7 trillion dollars

worth of Stock Market is evaluated to be 73 trillion dollars

                worth of Real State Market is evaluated to be 217 trillion dollars

 Evaluating Ecosystem / Natural Resources –

According to a research in 2011, the cost of ecosystem is evaluated to be 125 trillion dollars and according to a research done by BBC in 2015 it is estimated to be 100.3 trillion dollars.

Now, lets talk bout the natural resources

What is more mind boggling is, the cost of Fresh water which is evaluated to be 73.4 trillion dollars whereas the price of trees and forests is evaluated to be 16.5 trillion dollars and the cost of coral reef’s is evaluated to be in between 30 to 375 billion and 9.9 trillion dollars

Well, all makes sense because at the end these are the entities that we depend upon.

Evaluating Species –

Well, you know what? the best way to prevent various species from getting killed and extinct is to put a label or price on them and this has actually been come true.

According to an article published in 2013, the worth of a Polar Bear is estimated to be 6.3 billion dollars.

You can visit the below mentioned link for detailed information –


And if we talk about sharks, it has been estimated to be 944 million dollars whereas the cost of one elephant has been estimated to be 33,841 dollars and a monkey has been estimated to be 4000 dollars.

Evaluating GDP –

Gross Domestic Product” is the most important aspect to really find out where a country      actually stands in.

So, According to a recent survey the GDP for top 5 countries for 2019 are –

United States – 21.506 trillion dollars

China – 14.242 trillion dollars

Japan – 5.231 trillion dollars

Germany – 4.210 trillion dollars

U.K – 2.982 trillion dollars

You can find the detailed information in the link given below –


 Evaluating Man Made Resources –

Man made resources are as important as natural resources. So, If we plan to evaluate it then the worth of gross world product costs around 78.2 trillion dollars whereas crude oil is evaluated to be 4.1 billion dollars.

Evaluating Global Industry –

Evaluation of Global and National industries is the most important aspect if we plan to find out the  actual cost of earth. 

So, According to BBC Earth Index in 2015, the oil industry is calculated to be 3.33 trillion dollars whereas coal has been calculated to be 36.67 billion dollars and global cinema has been estimated to be 36.4 billion dollars and at the same time roughed diamonds and polished diamonds has been estimated to be 16 billion dollars and 25 billion dollars.

You can find the detailed article in the below mentioned link –


WELL WELL WELL,  Now you know that how much of hard work you need to put in if you plan to buy “Planet Earth” Or  we can keep it as one of the most beautiful dream.

I hope you find this article helpful and please comment down below of what you think about planning of buying something unimaginably like this.

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Wish you have a Great Day Ahead.

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