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YouTube Music announced three personalized playlists namely Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix in December last year. While Your Mix functions like an endless radio generated based on your preferences now. The company has started to transition it to a daily playlist with 100 songs.

“Your Mix is the perfect playlist for those times when you don’t want to think and just want to play something you know you’ll like. It’s full of songs by artists you know and love, and also mixes in some songs and artists you’ve never heard before, but that we think you’ll love. Small updates are made regularly, so the music never gets stale and there’s always something new in rotation,” wrote the company in a blog post.

YouTube Music

To get a reasonable picture, we should talk about the touch of history here. YouTube Music initially had a ‘Your Mixtape’, which was an unending radio of melodies you love. It highlights 25 melodies curated to your inclination. At the point when you arrive at the 25th melody. It creates one more arrangement of 25 tunes and this goes on, basically making it an unending radio. In the end, YouTube Music renamed ‘Your Mixtape’ to ‘Your Mix’.

As 9to5Google notes. Google didn’t broadly reveal the playlist-based Your Mix to most YouTube Music clients when it reported the change in 2019. Presently, a few clients are seeing the playlist-based Your Mix rather than the interminable radio-themed Your Mix.

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It is likewise important that this playlist-based Your Mix playlist has been around for some time. Yet was not open in a clear way. The element required an immediate URL for access. It will be intriguing to check whether YouTube Music would totally drop the radio-themed Your Mix for the upgraded one or rebrand the component.

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