Have you ever wondered of getting a youtube sponsor button to your channel? Do you know what it is actually? Do you want to earn huge from you tube? If you are looking for answers to all these questions then keep on reading this article.

What is YouTube Sponsor Button?

This sponsor button can be used by only few of the big creators in you tube who have a good amount of subscriber base. It helps in getting a sneak peak on the creators exclusive lifestyle and inside stories which they share. It is a paid service where the creator asks some amount of money from the subscribers to subscribe to this button.

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Youtube Sponsor Button Requirements

The following are the requirements to get a Youtube sponsorship button on your channel –

– If you post good content on your channel
– If your subscriber base is more than 1 lakh subscribers
– If you get more views on your channel
– If you get more watch time on your channel
– If your engagement with the audience is good

Why YouTube sponsor Button not showing?

Many creators doesn’t have the access to this button because they don’t qualify the requirements mentioned above. Once you complete the requirements, your channel can also qualify for the sponsorship

How much the creator or Author gets paid with this button?

YouTube offers a whooping 70 percent to the creator and keeps the rest 40 percent. Previously there was a pre defined amount that you tube used to charge but now the creator can set the amount by themselves.


So, In conclusion if you want to grow your audience then interaction is the key and for interacting, every creator should use this YouTube Sponsor Button feature as it has a really good outcome.

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