Zoom Vs Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams – The Best Video Conferencing App to go for in these days as the demand is soaring the Sky

Zoom, Crave Monger
Zoom, Crave Monger

Video conferencing apps are witnessing a huge surge in downloads and user activity due to lockdowns across the globe. These apps are used by working professionals for meetings, students for online calls and for just casual group video calls as well.

There are quite a few options available for users to choose from like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Each app offers almost the same features but with exceptions in some. Now if you’re confused which video conferencing app to go for, here’s a comparison between Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.


Zoom is possibly the most popular video conferencing app right with over 200 million daily users. Zoom is also plagued with many security and privacy issues which the company has been trying to fix. It’s still one of the most preferred apps especially because of its ease of use. Zoom comes with features like supporting up to 1,000 video participants and 49 videos on screen. It also offers screen sharing and screen recording, team chats, file sharing and searchable history. What’s more? You can add custom backgrounds to your Zoom meetings.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams isn’t solely a video conferencing app. Overall, it’s a business collaboration tool which comes bundled with Office 365 subscription. Its features include video conferencing with background blur, file and screen sharing, individual and group chats, screen recording and tabs for better search. Since it comes with Office 365, Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated with other Microsoft apps.

Google Meet

Like Teams, Google Meet is available for G Suite customers. Earlier known as Google Hangouts Meet, this video conferencing app is now known as just Meet for G Suite customers. Google Meet supports up to 250 participants per call, and offers live streaming to 100,000 viewers. These meetings can also be recorded and stored in Google Drive. It’s also integrated with G Suite apps like Google Calendar and Gmail for better meeting integrations. Also, Google made its premium features of Meet free for all G Suite customers till September 30 due to Covid-19.

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