The Owo Grab

A jacket equipped with sensors that lets wearers feel hugs or even punches in virtual reality is among the innovations giving the Metaverse a more realistic edge.

The “metaverse” – a parallel universe where human, augmented and virtual realities are supposed to merge.
The tight fitting jacket is a thing that sticks to the skin, with sensors that sync to the mobile application. Before wearing a virtual reality headset, the wearer can choose the intensity of each sensation.

The “Owo Grab” to be priced less than $450 when it hits the market. The science fiction future seems distant given a lack of full body suits and comfortable headsets for simulated experiences.

It’s not a hidden fact that the metaverse has become a popular topic since being endorsed by facebook chief “Mark Zuckerberg” so diversely that the company has named “Meta”.

Virtual Reality has mostly being used for video games inspite of its power to spread in other domains as well, such as visit museums, landmarks or far- off cities while sitting at home and even for providing seats literally in the middle of feature films.

While companies such as Met and HTC have invested heavily in virtual reality headsets, the equipments is still not light and comfortable enough to wear for long period of time.

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