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Twitter Is Adding Podcasts To Its Platform

Twitter is officially deep diving into the world of podcasts. The social network platform announced that it is integrating podcasts into its platform as part of its newly designed spaces tab. The addition of podcasts will be visible to a group of English- speaking audience on iOS and Android.

How It Works ?

It introduced personalized hubs for users called “Stations” which groups content together based on different topics such as news, music, sports and more. The recommendations will be based upon the themes and people that you follow. It will also now cover the most popular podcasts from around the world. Once you come across them, you can give it a thumbs up or down to let Twitter know if the content was interesting to you or not.

Once you open Twitter, you would be able to see three sections – the top of the tab will show you stations, which scroll horizontally and showcase different themes and topics to listen to, below that you will see spaces spotlight, which lists some of the top curated audio content and at last you will see a list of upcoming spaces.

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“Integrating podcasts into its space, where audio conversations happen on Twitter is another way of defining that we are continuing to invest in audio creators”, Twitter said in a blog post. To do this in a simple and intuitive way that allows listeners to simply hit play and go, we started with a redesigned audio experience in the spaces tab.

Given Facebook’s departure from podcasts, Twitter’s foray into the audio format could give it an edge over social media networks if it’s able to scale them successfully.

Let’s Hope For The Best !!

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