Airpods, Cravemonger
Airpods, Cravemonger

Apple to launch gesture support Airpods in future. A recent patent suggests that apple will be adding gesture control and new volume control in its upcoming wireless earphones.

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The patent named as wearable interactive audio device, hints that the tech giant is developing new ways to interact with wireless earphones. Here is the block diagram

Airpods , Cravemonger
Block Diagram Of Wireless Airpods, Cravemonger

The patent also said that many earbuds suffer from traditional drawbacks that may limit the ability to control sounds or other outputs at the earbuds.

These earbuds or other connected devices may be unresponsive to voice commands and other actions and functions, hence limiting their further ability.

So, to solve these major problems, apple will be integrating more touch sensors into its wireless earbuds to expand more its touch areas.

Airpods , Cravemonegr
Gesture support Airpods, Cravemonger

Moreover, they also hinted that ” The developers are working on a technology which will enable hand gesture to control the volume by just waving and also to control other functions”.

So, if everything goes well, we might be able to see and test all these feature in the next generation Airpods or Airpods Pro which are supposed to release next year.

Lets, Hope for the best !!

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