NFL Schedule 2020, Crave Monger
NFL Schedule 2020, Crave Monger

Check out all the details regarding NFL Schedule 2020 from the timings to dates to chanels that it will be playing on though the start remains in doubt.

On Thursday, the league announced the schedule for the upcoming year, and it features a number of high-profile matchups in prime time TV slots. The games played on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights are nationally televised and serve as appointment television for football fans across the country.

The broadcasts will be carried by the usual networks once again this season, with Fox and NFL Network carrying Thursday night games, NBC holding onto its traditional Sunday night slot and ESPN airing the matchups on Monday night. 

The Patriots, Cowboys, Chiefs, Packers, 49ers and Buccaneers appear most often in prime time during the 2020 NFL season with five games apiece.

For months now, we have known who each NFL team will be playing in the 2020 season. But it’s been an open question of when we would get a full 2020 NFL schedule as sports leagues around the world continue to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic. Much like the league did with the draft in April, the NFL stuck to its plan of releasing a full 2020 schedule in early May, and the entire 256-game slate dropped on Thursday. While contingency plans must be kept in mind should COVID-19 force a delayed start to the NFL season, we now know each team’s full schedule if the league is able to start on time.

NFL Schedule 2020

Week 1

Thursday, Sept. 10
Texans at Chiefs, 8:20p (NBC)

Sunday, Sept. 13
Seahawks at Falcons, 1:00p (FOX)
Browns at Ravens, 1:00p (CBS)
Jets at Bills, 1:00p (CBS)
Raiders at Panthers, 1:00p (CBS)
Bears at Lions, 1:00p (FOX)
Colts at Jaguars, 1:00p (CBS)
Packers at Vikings, 1:00p (FOX)
Dolphins at Patriots, 1:00p (CBS)
Eagles at Redskins, 1:00p (FOX)
Chargers at Bengals, 4:05p (CBS)
Buccaneers at Saints, 4:25p (FOX)
Cardinals at 49ers, 4:25p (FOX)
Cowboys at Rams, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Sept. 14
Steelers at Giants, 7:15p (ESPN)
Titans at Broncos, 10:10p (ESPN)

Week 2

Thursday, Sept. 17
Bengals at Browns, 8:20p (NFLN)

Sunday, Sept. 20
Giants at Bears, 1:00p (CBS)
Falcons at Cowboys, 1:00p (FOX)
Lions at Packers, 1:00p (FOX)
Vikings at Colts, 1:00p (FOX)
Bills at Dolphins, 1:00p (CBS)
49ers at Jets, 1:00p (FOX)
Rams at Eagles, 1:00p (FOX)
Broncos at Steelers, 1:00p (CBS)
Panthers at Buccaneers, 1:00p (FOX)
Jaguars at Titans, 1:00p (CBS)
Redskins at Cardinals, 4:05p (FOX)
Ravens at Texans, 4:25p (CBS)
Chiefs at Chargers, 4:25p (CBS)
Patriots at Seahawks, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Sept. 21
Saints at Raiders, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 3

Thursday, Sept. 24
Dolphins at Jaguars, 8:20p (NFLN)

Sunday, Sept. 27
Bears at Falcons, 1:00p (FOX)
Rams at Bills, 1:00p (FOX)
Redskins at Browns, 1:00p (FOX)
Titans at Vikings, 1:00p (CBS)
Raiders at Patriots, 1:00p (CBS)
49ers at Giants, 1:00p (FOX)
Bengals at Eagles, 1:00p (CBS)
Texans at Steelers, 1:00p (CBS)
Jets at Colts, 4:05p (CBS)
Panthers at Chargers, 4:05p (CBS)
Lions at Cardinals, 4:25p (FOX)
Buccaneers at Broncos, 4:25p (FOX)
Cowboys at Seahawks, 4:25p (FOX)
Packers at Saints, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Sept. 28
Chiefs at Ravens, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 4

Thursday, Oct. 1
Broncos at Jets, 8:20p (NFLN)

Sunday, Oct. 4
Cardinals at Panthers, 1:00p (FOX)
Colts at Bears, 1:00p (CBS)
Jaguars at Bengals, 1:00p (CBS)
Browns at Cowboys, 1:00p (FOX)
Saints at Lions, 1:00p (FOX)
Vikings at Texans, 1:00p (FOX)
Seahawks at Dolphins, 1:00p (FOX)
Chargers at Buccaneers, 1:00p (CBS)
Steelers at Titans, 1:00p (CBS)
Ravens at Redskins, 1:00p (CBS)
Giants at Rams, 4:05p (FOX)
Patriots at Chiefs, 4:25p (CBS)
Bills at Raiders, 4:25p (CBS)
Eagles at 49ers, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Oct. 5
Falcons at Packers, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 5

Thursday, Oct. 8
Buccaneers at Bears, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Oct. 11
Panthers at Falcons, 1:00p (FOX)
Bengals at Ravens, 1:00p (CBS)
Jaguars at Texans, 1:00p (CBS)
Raiders at Chiefs, 1:00p (CBS)
Broncos at Patriots, 1:00p (CBS)
Cardinals at Jets, 1:00p (FOX)
Eagles at Steelers, 1:00p (FOX)
Bills at Titans, 1:00p (CBS)
Rams at Redskins, 1:00p (FOX)
Dolphins at 49ers, 4:05p (FOX)
Colts at Browns, 4:25p (CBS)
Giants at Cowboys, 4:25p (CBS)
Vikings at Seahawks, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Oct. 12
Chargers at Saints, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 6

Thursday, Oct. 15
Chiefs at Bills, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Oct. 18
Bengals at Colts, 1:00p (FOX)
Lions at Jaguars, 1:00p (FOX)
Falcons at Vikings, 1:00p (FOX)
Redskins at Giants, 1:00p (FOX)
Ravens at Eagles, 1:00p (CBS)
Browns at Steelers, 1:00p (CBS)
Texans at Titans, 1:00p (CBS)
Dolphins at Broncos, 4:05p (CBS)
Jets at Chargers, 4:05p (CBS)
Packers at Buccaneers, 4:25p (FOX)
Rams at 49ers, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Oct. 19
Cardinals at Cowboys, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 7

Thursday, Oct. 22
Giants at Eagles, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Oct. 25
Lions at Falcons, 1:00p (FOX)
Steelers at Ravens, 1:00p (CBS)
Saints at Panthers, 1:00p (FOX)
Browns at Bengals, 1:00p (CBS)
Packers at Texans, 1:00p (FOX)
Chargers at Dolphins, 1:00p (CBS)
Panthers at Saints, 1:00p (FOX)
Bills at Jets, 1:00p (CBS)
Cowboys at Redskins, 1:00p (FOX)
Seahawks at Cardinals, 4:05p (FOX)
Chiefs at Broncos, 4:25p (CBS)
49ers at Patriots, 4:25p (CBS)
Buccaneers at Raiders, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Oct. 26
Bears at Rams, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 8

Thursday, Oct. 29
Falcons at Panthers, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Nov. 1
Patriots at Bills, 1:00p (CBS)
Titans at Bengals, 1:00p (CBS)
Raiders at Browns, 1:00p (FOX)
Colts at Lions, 1:00p (CBS)
Vikings at Packers, 1:00p (FOX)
Jets at Chiefs, 1:00p (CBS)
Rams at Dolphins, 1:00p (FOX)
Jaguars at Chargers, 4:05p (CBS)
Saints at Bears, 4:25p (FOX)
49ers at Seahawks, 4:25p (FOX)
Cowboys at Eagles, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Nov. 2
Buccaneers at Giants, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 9

Thursday, Nov. 5
Packers at 49ers, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Nov. 8
Broncos at Falcons, 1:00p (CBS)
Seahawks at Bills, 1:00p (FOX)
Ravens at Colts, 1:00p (CBS)
Texans at Jaguars, 1:00p (CBS)
Panthers at Chiefs, 1:00p (FOX)
Lions at Vikings, 1:00p (CBS)
Bears at Titans, 1:00p (FOX)
Giants at Redskins, 1:00p (FOX)
Raiders at Chargers, 4:05p (FOX)
Dolphins at Cardinals, 4:25p (CBS)
Steelers at Cowboys, 4:25p (CBS)
Saints at Buccaneers, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Nov. 9
Patriots at Jets, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 10

Thursday, Nov. 12
Colts at Titans, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Nov. 15
Buccaneers at Panthers, 1:00p (FOX)
Texans at Browns, 1:00p (FOX)
Redskins at Lions, 1:00p (FOX)
Jaguars at Packers, 1:00p (FOX)
Eagles at Giants, 1:00p (FOX)
Bengals at Steelers, 1:00p (FOX)
Bills at Cardinals, 4:05p (CBS)
Broncos at Raiders, 4:05p (CBS)
Jets at Dolphins, 4:05p (CBS)
Seahawks at Rams, 4:25p (FOX)
49ers at Saints, 4:25p (FOX)
Ravens at Patriots, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Nov. 16
Vikings at Bears, 8:15p (MIN)

Week 11

Thursday, Nov. 19
Cardinals at Seahawks, 8:20p (FOX)

Sunday, Nov. 22
Titans at Ravens, 1:00p (CBS)
Lions at Panthers, 1:00p (FOX)
Eagles at Browns, 1:00p (FOX)
Patriots at Texans, 1:00p (CBS)
Packers at Colts, 1:00p (FOX)
Steelers at Jaguars, 1:00p (CBS)
Falcons at Saints, 1:00p (FOX)
Bengals at Redskins, 1:00p (CBS)
Chargers at Broncos, 4:05p (CBS)
Cowboys at Vikings, 4:25p (FOX)
Chiefs at Raiders, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Nov. 23
Rams at Buccaneers, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 12

Thursday, Nov. 26
Texans at Lions, 12:30p (CBS)
Redskins at Cowboys, 4:30p (FOX)
Ravens at Steelers, 8:20p (NBC)

Sunday, Nov. 29
Raiders at Falcons, 1:00p (CBS)
Chargers at Bills, 1:00p (CBS)
Giants at Bengals, 1:00p (FOX)
Titans at Colts, 1:00p (CBS)
Browns at Jaguars, 1:00p (CBS)
Panthers at Vikings, 1:00p (FOX)
Cardinals at Patriots, 1:00p (FOX)
Dolphins at Jets, 1:00p (CBS)
Saints at Broncos, 4:05p (FOX)
49ers at Rams, 4:05p (FOX)
Chiefs at Buccaneers, 4:25p (CBS)
Bears at Packers, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Nov. 30
Seahawks at Eagles, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 13

Thursday, Dec. 3
Cowboys at Ravens, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Dec. 6
Saints at Falcons, 1:00p (FOX)
Lions at Bears, 1:00p (FOX)
Colts at Texans, 1:00p (CBS)
Bengals at Dolphins, 1:00p (CBS)
Jaguars at Vikings, 1:00p (CBS)
Raiders at Jets, 1:00p (CBS)
Redskins at Steelers, 1:00p (FOX)
Browns at Titans, 1:00p (CBS)
Rams at Cardinals, 4:05p (FOX)
Giants at Seahawks, 4:05p (FOX)
Eagles at Packers, 4:25p (CBS)
Patriots at Chargers, 4:25p (CBS)
Broncos at Chiefs, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Dec. 7
Bills at 49ers, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 14

Thursday, Dec. 10
Patriots at Rams, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Sunday, Dec. 13
Broncos at Panthers, 1:00p (CBS)
Texans at Bears, 1:00p (CBS)
Cowboys at Bengals, 1:00p (FOX)
Packers at Lions, 1:00p (FOX)
Titans at Jaguars, 1:00p (CBS)
Chiefs at Dolphins, 1:00p (CBS)
Cardinals at Giants, 1:00p (FOX)
Vikings at Buccaneers, 1:00p (FOX)
Colts at Raiders, 4:05p (CBS)
Jets at Seahawks, 4:05p (CBS)
Falcons at Chargers, 4:25p (FOX)
Saints at Eagles, 4:25p (FOX)
Redskins at 49ers, 4:25p (FOX)
Steelers at Bills, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Dec. 14
Ravens at Browns, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 15

Thursday, Dec. 17
Chargers at Raiders, 8:20p (FOX/NFLN)

Saturday, Dec. 19 or Sunday, Dec. 20
Bills at Broncos, TBD (TBD)
Panthers at Packers, TBD (TBD)
Texans at Colts, TBD (TBD)
Jets at Rams, TBD (TBD)
Lions at Titans, TBD (TBD)

Sunday, Dec. 20
Buccaneers at Falcons, 1:00p (FOX)
Jaguars at Ravens, 1:00p (CBS)
Patriots at Dolphins, 1:00p (CBS)
Bears at Vikings, 1:00p (FOX)
Browns at Giants, 1:00p (CBS)
Seahawks at Redskins, 1:00p (FOX)
Eagles at Cardinals, 4:05p (FOX)
Chiefs at Saints, 4:25p (CBS)
49ers at Cowboys, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Dec. 21
Steelers at Bengals, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 16

Friday, Dec. 25
Vikings at Saints, 4:30p (FOX/NFLN)

Saturday, Dec. 26 or Sunday, Dec. 27
49ers at Cardinals, TBD (TBD)
Buccaneers at Lions, TBD (TBD)
Dolphins at Raiders, TBD (TBD)
Broncos at Chargers, TBD (TBD)
Browns at Jets, TBD (TBD)

Sunday, Dec. 27
Giants at Ravens, 1:00p (FOX)
Bengals at Texans, 1:00p (CBS)
Bears at Jaguars, 1:00p (FOX)
Falcons at Chiefs, 1:00p (FOX)
Colts at Steelers, 1:00p (CBS)
Panthers at Redskins, 1:00p (CBS)
Rams at Seahawks, 4:05p (CBS)
Eagles at Cowboys, 4:25p (FOX)
Titans at Packers, 8:20p (NBC)

Monday, Dec. 28
Bills at Patriots, 8:15p (ESPN)

Week 17

Sunday, Jan. 3
Dolphins at Bills, 1:00p (CBS)
Saints at Panthers, 1:00p (FOX)
Packers at Bears, 1:00p (FOX)
Ravens at Bengals, 1:00p (CBS)
Steelers at Browns, 1:00p (CBS)
Vikings at Lions, 1:00p (FOX)
Titans at Texans, 1:00p (CBS)
Jaguars at Colts, 1:00p (CBS)
Chargers at Chiefs, 1:00p (CBS)
Jets at Patriots, 1:00p (CBS)
Cowboys at Giants, 1:00p (FOX)
Redskins at Eagles, 1:00p (FOX)
Falcons at Buccaneers, 1:00p (FOX)
Raiders at Broncos, 4:25p (CBS)
Cardinals at Rams, 4:25p (FOX)
Seahawks at 49ers, 4:25p (FOX)

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