NCIS is a procedural drama that premiered on CNS in 2003. It stands for Naval Crime Investigation Service, and the service rolls around a team of special agents working together to solve crimes involving people connected to the Navy, still going strong and the series is in the middle of season 18.

NCIS, Cravemonger
NCIS, Cravemonger

NCIS has cycled through a lot of different cast members and characters throughout the years, as can be expected from one of the longest running scripted shows.

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With so many episodes and so many characters, you can imagine how many story lines. NCIS has explored, some becoming fully developed and one of the characters is of Gerald Jackson and his plotline, Ducky’s firs assistant played by Pancho Demmings.

Why Producers Decided Not To Develop Gerald Jackson’s Story?

In an interview, Pancho Demmings revealed the real reason as why he never came back to NCIS.
Demmings said – “Initially, I think they were looking to extend my storyline. Even in the episode when i come back. He further added “ But, later I guess they choose to go in a different direction”. The character of went on to become Ducky’s main assistant and Gerald disappeared.

For Demmings, he simply sees this as a part of business but he said that ” i would love to just for the fans want them to give the character a final closure. So, Why not bring Gerald back and tie up that loose end?

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