Planning to travel to the beautiful Turkey? You are wondering about the places to visit in Turkey? In this article you are going to learn about the top 5 places to visit in Turkey. Keep on reading this article to know all the details

top 5 places to visit in turkey-cravemonger

Turkey is a beautiful country surrounded by more than one continent. It is a nation surrounding Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is a place with mixture of cultures like Roman, Greek, Persian etc. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara. It encourages all sorts of natural beauty and sceneries like mountains, rivers, lakes, seas. Vibrant nightlife and a perfect laid-back of living with peace and less pollution and population prevails here.

So, let’s talk about the places which are a must to visit if you are planning a trip to Turkey.

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top 5 places to visit in turkey-cravemonger

As stated earlier, Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and is the second largest city in here. Ankara is quite opposite of Istanbul and is surrounded by technology and amazing houses having beautiful designs from the outside. It also has a beautiful panoramic view and is also famous for its Turkish tea or coffee. There are some great Bohemian Nightspots where you can have some amazing food. While in Ankara, you can go for a walk to the Ottoman House and can enjoy the beautiful view of cappadocia.

top 5 places to visit in turkey-cravemongercappadocia-in-turkey-cravemonger
Beautiful view of cappadocia in turkey

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top 5 places to visit in turkey-cravemongerIstanbul-turkey-cravemonger

Every traveler’s Turkey’s trip begins from Istanbul. It is the city surrounding two continents. Istanbul is famous for its hustle and bustle and nightlife. You can also enjoy cheap shopping in here with some amazing discounts on branded clothes and accessories. It also attracts the film industry of Turkey and has the major population living in here. You can go and visit the Taksim Square, hop in to the Princess Islands, have a gala time with the Bosphorus Cruise. Grand Bazaar is famous for shopping and also Istiklal street is famous for its buzzing night life and food.


top 5 places to visit in turkey-cravemongerTrabzon-cravemonger

Trabzon is the hill station of Turkey if you can accurately say. It has the lush greenish mountains surrounding it and the Black Sea in the middle. It you want some peace and silence and are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life in Turkey then you can come here and enjoy some quality time. You can visit the Sumela Monastery which is a Greek Ministry built in the year 346 AD. Trabzon is the largest port of the Black Sea and has a rich collection of cultural treasures. It has access to four beautiful lakes  –  Uzungol, Cakırgol, Sera, and Haldizen, and plenty of scenic beauty which makes it a true paradise.

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top 5 places to visit in turkey-cravemongerkonya-cravemonger

Konya is the city of romance and poetic vibes. It is a place which will definitely attract dreamers or day dreamers if I may say so. Famous Sufi Poet, Mevlana Rumi has written some of his verses while in here. There are some fine museums for Art and Craft in Konya. The famous one’s are Archaelogcal Museum and Eregli Museum. Also you can head to the Alaeddin Tepe park for an evening walk and a cup of Turkish tea.


top 5 places to visit in turkey-cravemonger pammukale-turkey-cravemonger

Pamukkale means “cotton castle“. It has whitewashed terrain. This natural site in southwestern Turkey surrounds with hot springs rich in the mineral travertine and has been a major reason for attracting visitors from so many years or we can say centuries. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pamukkale is a killer combination of mineral forests, waterfalls and terraced basins diverted into a beautiful scenic landscape. Take a dip in the calcium-rich travertines, trek till the Pamukkale Castle and know about Cicero in the Roman ruins of Laodikeia.

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