Recently, Marvel has confirmed that they are releasing Endgame again. So, many of us are anticipating about what to expect from this. Are they gonna come with a different story or they are going to bring back Iron Man? Keep on reading this article to know all the details about the re – release of Endgame –

endgame re - release
endgame re – release

The Avenger’s are assembling yet again. Recently in an interview with one of the members of, Marvel head Kevin Feige revealed that Avenger’s Endgame is returning to theaters with extra footage and few surprises. So, one important takeaway from this is marvel is definitely bringing in some endgame goodness again.

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What To Expect?

Kevin Feige has made one thing clear that their is not going to be any change with the story of the original endgame movie.
They are just going to add some of the extra footages, a post credit scene and also a special tribute to someone. All of these, we are going to watch at the end of the movie.

Extra Footages

bloopers cravemonger
bloopers of endgame

By some of the extra footages, we can analyze that their are chances that these are going to be some of the bloopers from the time of filming the movie and just for your knowledge bloopers are always funny. Duh !!

At the same time their are chances that they can show us the real alternate endings to endgame movie which we heard as roomers that multiple alternate endings were being shot for Endgame.

A Post Credit Scene

If they plan to show us the post/end credit scene then that’s for sure is going to be for the upcoming Marvel movie Spiderman: Far From Home and this re – release will kind of create a whole new level of curiousity and excitement in fans for this upcoming spiderman flick.

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A Special Tribute

This special tribute is without any doubt is going to be a tribute to late Stan Lee for his contribution to Marvel and its story and characters.

In addition to all of these, their are higher chances that they will show us a fight between the fat Thor and fit Thor and also they can show us a special message from the actors saying good bye to fans in a beautiful way.

Endgame Re – Release Date

The date for its release is set on 28th of June and it is going to stay on theatres till 30th June. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best because their will not gonna be enough of Endgame for me in my entire lifetime. *creepily laughs*

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