walnuts vs almonds, cravemonger
walnuts vs almonds, cravemonger

Walnuts and Almonds are the two most healthier types of nuts that are that are packed with minerals, vitamins and heart – healthy fats. Both of these are used in multiple recipes and can be consumed alone. But have you ever wondered if you had to measure the nutritional value of the two. who would be the winner between Walnuts Vs Almonds?

Nutritional Profile

Walnuts Almonds
Calories 185 170
Fats 18.5 gms 15 gms
Protein 4.4 gms 6 gms
Carbs 4 gms 6 gms
Fibre 2 gms 3 gms

According to a survey, the almond eating people loose 65 percent more weight that people who don’t eat almond while talking about walnuts. a study suggested that people who included 30 gms of walnuts in their diet loose more weight.

Study also suggests that people who consume walnuts daily are less prone to a heart disease and several study have showed that fat, protein and fibre in almonds helps in improving the blood sugar levels.

Now you can decide, who is the winner between Walnuts Vs Almonds

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