Best places to visit in Ooty

For each one of those folks who are setting out toward a vacation in slopes of Ooty, I ask what all do you intend to see on your Ooty Trip? I’m certain you will have numerous responses to this inquiry. From Ooty Lake to Botanical Gardens, from Dodabetta Peak to Pyakara Lake or the well known Shooting Point…. There is additionally Rose Garden with no roses and Nilgiri Mountain Railway ride among Ooty and Conoor. But imagine a scenario where I state to you that you can miss any of these on your next outing to Ooty and rather go to the most delightful mystery pool of South India. Indeed, I’m discussing Upper Bhawani Lake Ooty… which I’m certain the majority of you have not caught wind of. Trust me, overlook everything else in Ooty… this Upper Bhavani Lake Ooty is definitely justified even despite the visit alone.

If You Think Ooty Is Just About Tea Plantations, Think Again!

What’s more, it’s a pity that practically 99% of vacationers coming to Ooty have no clue about this lake. Indeed, even the neighborhood individuals of Ooty are least keen on advancing this lake in dread of losing the blasting business away from the well known touristy spots like Ooty lake. This is actually what I felt when on my last excursion to Ooty, I got some information about Upper Bhavani Lake and the look I jumped on their appearances was as though they are conversing with an outsider. Poor folks, I can just pity them for squandering 6-7 days in Ooty simply having an over costly exhausting pontoon ride in Ooty lake. On the off chance that this is the thing that occasion in Ooty implies, good karma to you.


For Upper Bhavani Lake Ooty you need to drive down to a check post from that point timberland office transports will take you ahead. As private vehicles are not permitted and henceforth you need to rely upon government Eco-visits. Again you will ride for about an hour in the transport to arrive at this most astonishing mystery pool of South India. A large portion of the drive is acceptable as streets are acceptable except the last 5 km stretch where the streets are uneven and broken. The main check post comes 3 km before the transport boarding point. When you arrive at the loading up point you will see appropriate signages for vehicle leaving and tickets. There you need to give your name at the ticket counter and hold up until they get out your name.

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The eco visits are accessible between 10 to 3 pm. In any case, it’s acceptable to be right on time to beat the group around 9.30 – 10.00. When the transport gets filled the transport begins. On the off chance that you need to dodge the groups, go for the primary excursion of the day. The safari goes on for around 2 hours. The ticket cost for transport is Rs. 150 for each individual and Rs. 1200 for a jeep for 8 pax. The transport venture is around 45 mins. Likewise, there is a little water spring running down the valley. Here the transport stops for 10 mins.


There is proficient photography van-accessible at the lake where you can get yourself clicked at a little cost. The water is greenish-blue in shading, perfectly clear, and cold. There are no eating places around, so convey food/snacks with you. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t leave any trash or void water bottles in the region to protect the biological system.

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An enormous dam is built on the lake, which encourages giving water to the close-by districts and that has profoundly helped in the advancement of agribusiness. So is the situation with Upper Bhavani Lake Ooty which is a wonderful blue-green lake roosted inside the profound timberland of Nilgiri. Great landscape, nontouristy, like Pangong Lake in Ladakh… This spot isn’t to be missed on the off chance that you go to Ooty. Be that as it may, if you don’t mind be a reasonable traveler, take just recollections and abandon just impressions.

Best places to visit in Ooty

The “Sovereign of Hills” needs no presentation. Green lustrous slants, blue hazed valleys, and eucalyptus-studded pathways have made Ooty the most famous goal in South India. The tallest slope station of South India may give you a touristy inclination. However has a great deal to offer to the explorer looking for the street less taken.

How to reach Upper Bhavani Lake Ooty Ooty Lake Road –> Muthorai Palada –> Ithalar –> Avalanche –> Kunda –> Upper Bhavani

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