Have you ever wondered, what will happen if you don’t stop masturbation at all? How long will your body take it? Is it going to affect your fitness? To know the truth, keep on reading this article.

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is the process of increasing one’s sexual stimulation by touching your own genitals which gives you extreme level of sexual pleasure or satisfaction.The process involves using hands, fingers, sex toys or objects etc.

Masturbation Bad Effects

To be very honest there are no side effects of masturbation but due to major religious or spiritual beliefs, some people think that masturbating is bad. If you feel guilty after masturbating than consult someone who can help you surpass your guilt.

Some gets addicted to it which affects their relationship. They start spending too much time in it which makes them skip their daily activities.

Major Myth About Masturbation

The most important reason because of which i am writing this article is the thought which is revolving around people’s mind that –
Masturbation decreases your Testosterone Level which is not true at all. Guys, sperm generation and testosterone formation, both are very different process. The main priority of your body is to make sperm, testosterone has got nothing to do with it neither it makes sperm. The process of sperm generation is known as spermatogenesis.

Difference Between Testosterone and Sperm

There are basically two hormones in our body named as LH and FSH which our brain forms just before the formation of our sex hormone. LH which stands for Luteinizing Hormone sends signal to the body for the formation of Testosterone. On the other hand, FSH which stands for Follicle Stimulating Hormone sends signal to the body for the formation of sperm generation. So whenever you ejaculate, your brain forms FSH and sends signal to your testicals and Spermatogenesis occurs.

What If You Don’t Masturbate?

Sperm is a living cell, we all know this fact and every living thing in this planet has a life cycle to it. Our sperm cell has a life cycle of 74 days. So if you ejaculate you release your sperm cell or if you don’t then also your body releases them after 74 days. So, if you don’t masturbate at all then also your body creates new sperm cells.

Does Masturbation Affects Fitness?

We came to know that sperm has got nothing to do with Testosterone and testosterone is the reason behind an individual’s characteristics which includes physical built-up and abilities. So masturbation doesn’t affect fitness except for the fact that whenever we masturbate our Dopamine level increases at a sudden and you get that “feel good” feeling and after sometime it decreases.
Hence, it is suggested that whenever you do any physical activity or work-out, you should not masturbate because that low when you get after dopamine level decreases affects your activity or work-out

Does Masturbation Causes Prostate Cancer

Many reports have suggested that it does and many have showed that it doesn’t but the fact is prostate cancer occurs because of the dysfunction of your cells and masturbation has got nothing to do with it.

In Conclusion

So, In conclusion masturbating is absolutely safe, natural and healthy because it is a way to satisfy your body needs and take care of your body except for the fact that people get addicted to it.

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